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About our school

Sutherland Public School is located in the central business district of Sutherland which is serviced by extensive rail and bus links.

The school's 125 Year Anniversary was celebrated in 2012. The current enrolment of 223 children is drawn from local residents and students from across the district who attend the Opportunity C Classes in Years 5 and 6. The Sutherland Activity Centre (Before and After School Care) and the Sutherland Shire Business Enterprise Network are located within the school grounds. The school is in close proximity to, and regularly uses, the Sutherland Entertainment Centre, Sutherland Library and the Sutherland Leisure Centre. The school mission statement was developed by teachers, parents and students and states that: At Sutherland Public School, staff and parents endeavour to nurture an integrated community of children to strive for individual excellence and their personal growth, within a warm, supportive school environment. Members of the Sutherland Public School Community take great pride in our long tradition of delivering exemplary educational programs to children in Kindergarten to Year Six.

A Secure and Friendly Environment

Our strong relationship with all members of the school community contributes to the creation of a happy, safe and secure and welcoming school environment.

We believe the welfare of students and their families is paramount. We are committed to building self-esteem in students and to ensuring both responsible behaviour and a strong sense of civic pride.

Professional and Caring Teachers

Here at Sutherland Public School we take pride in delivering an excellent education in a warm and nurturing environment.

Our teachers are highly trained, caring individuals who are committed to helping all our students reach their full potential across all the Key Learning Areas (KLAs) as well as the broad range of extra-curricular activities the school offers.

All teachers use programs that cater for an individual's learning style and that recognize the different cultural customs and values of the school community.

Strong Foundations in Literacy and Numeracy

Sutherland Public School has always had a strong commitment to literacy. Our experienced staff is always up-to-date on current teaching practices and we also strongly value and promote the role of parents in developing and improving children's literacy

Literacy and numeracy skills are developed across all Key Learning Areas and children's progress is carefully monitored through regular assessments.

In both literacy and numeracy, quality support programs and specialist staff are available to assist children experiencing difficulties. Our English as a Second Language teacher assists children learning English who are new arrivals to Australia.

Pride in Our Achievements

We are proud of our success in fostering happy, self-confident students who achieve well academically and in the sporting arena.

Our school choirs, band and dance groups perform regularly for the community. Performances during Education Week and at the Sutherland Shire Schools Music Festival—at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre are highlights.

Students are achieving well in debating and public speaking competitions. Whilst our senior teams are regular finalists in these competitions.

Technology that Prepares Every Student for the Future

Sutherland Public School has leading technology programs and facilities. Technology is a vital component of our curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 6.

This is complemented by a technology room with internet access. Classroom teachers team teach with our computer teacher, allowing children to develop and explore the world of information technology.

Students are able to use the networked computers in classrooms, and develop skills in the use of digital cameras, colour laser printers and scanners. Skills are developed in both research and design publishing.

Active and Healthy Students

The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education curriculum provides structured opportunities for students to enjoy regular physical exercise. As well, the school promotes an active lifestyle through fun activities, unstructured play on our excellent play equipment and participation in competitive and non-competitive sports.

A weekly interschool sporting competition, for netball, t-ball, soccer and cricket takes place each Friday.