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Digital Learning Links

At Sutherland Public School our students are 21st Century Learners. Our staff place a great deal of importance on teaching students to become responsible digital citizens. From class sessions in one of our two fully equiped computer labs, to IWB activities in the classroom, Sutherland Public School students learn to use technology safely and responsibly. Have a look at some of the digital learning links below. Many of these websites are for use on a personal computer or IWB and are used at school to enhance student achievement.




Spelling City(Grades K-6)

Reading Eggs(Grades K-6)

Study Ladder(Grades 3-6)

E Chalk(Grades K-6)

Starfall(Grades K-6)

Roy the Zebra(Grades K-3)

ABC Splash(Grades K-6)




Mathletics(Grades K-6)

Maths Dictionary for Kids(Grades K-6)

Khan Academy(Grades 3-6)

Count Me In Too(Grades K-6)

E Chalk(Grades K-6)




Maps of Australia(Grades K-6)

Cool Antarctica(Grades 5-6)

Behind the News(Grades 4-6)

Kids View Interactive Parliament(Grades 5-6)

Australian Parliament(Grades 5-6)


Creative Arts

Flock Draw(Grades K-6)

Flame Painter(Grades 5-6)


Science & Technology

Senses(Grades K-2)

The Scale of the Universe 2(Grades 5-6)



Nutrition for Kids(Grades K-6)

Cybersaftey and Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship(Grades 5-6)

CyberSmart(Grades K-6)

Cyber Safe Kids(Grades K-6)