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Opportunity Class (OC)

Opportunity Classes

Opportunity classes (OC) cater for high potential and intellectually gifted students in Years 5 and 6. There are 75 primary schools with opportunity classes across NSW. These schools can provide intellectual stimulation by grouping together gifted and talented students who may otherwise be isolated from a suitable peer group.

Gifted and talented students who would benefit most from enrolment in opportunity classes are those who have superior to very superior academic ability which is matched by exceptionally high classroom performance.

Successful students attend the opportunity class full-time for the duration of Years 5 and 6 at the primary school with an opportunity class. It is a two-year placement program.

Application is usually made when the student is in Year 4. The application process becomes available at the end of April each year.

Sutherland Public School has proudly operated Opportunity Classes since 1963. The program at our school has been carefully developed by dedicated staff to provide a stimulating curriculum which emphasises academic rigour, while nurturing the gifted child's overall social and emotional development.  Our students discover the advantages of being self-motivated and develop their abilities and creativity in a wide range of areas.

What are the benefits?

Opportunity classes help students learn by:

  • grouping them with other high potential and gifted students
  • using special teaching methods so students can learn concepts in more detail and more quickly.
  • supporting their wellbeing needs.

Most students in opportunity classes enjoy learning more when their classmates have similar abilities and interests.

How is the learning different in an opportunity class?

Because all students in an OC class have high potential or are gifted, teachers can set more challenging and complex tasks to ensure that they are engaged and excited by their learning. There is also often a strong focus on problem solving and independent thinking.

Teachers also help students to develop independent learning strategies and time management skills. For example, students might set the direction of their own learning and be responsible for its completion. They can learn important skills needed for high school and beyond.

In some OC classes students may have the curriculum accelerated as they complete Year 6, 7, and sometimes even Year 8 work while they are still in Year 5 or 6.

What do students say about attending an opportunity class?

Students tell us that they love learning with other students who are like them—students who enjoy asking questions, delving into topics, and being challenged academically.

Before entering an OC class, some students feel like they are different from their classmates which can lead to feelings of isolation. Students often feel a greater sense of social ease and belonging when they learn and become friends with others who have similar abilities and interests in an OC class.

Is an opportunity class the right fit for my child?

First, discuss the opportunity with your child and look through the information together here on our website.

Your child may have high academic potential if they demonstrate some of the following:

  • enjoy learning
  • have intense curiosity
  • display a good memory
  • ask complex questions
  • enjoy learning new and often complex ideas or skills
  • require fewer repetitions when learning new things
  • are creative
  • become intensely focused in their area of interest or passion.

Note: Not all high potential and gifted learners will display all of these characteristics, for example, due to lack of opportunity, disability or disadvantage.

Learn more about the department’s High Potential and Gifted Education Policy.


Learning in the OC at Sutherland Public School

The happy integration of all students is our priority.

In the early days, getting to know you activities are planned, to encourage the development of friendships and to help everyone feel at home and welcome at their new school.

The OC program encourages students to develop their organisational and independent learning skills. Work-rate and task commitment are a premium also. Time management in completion of tasks and assignments is a feature to prepare our students for ongoing studies.

Students are encouraged to take a leadership role through classroom group activities, being Peer Tutors of younger pupils and by acting as Peer Support Leaders.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities for participation in activities such as drama, dance, public speaking, debating, sport, visual arts, chess, band, technology, coding, and the environmental club.

The school Stage 2 and 3 Bring your own device (BYOD) laptop program ensures students have independent access to learning that links home and school. Student skills increase quickly to ensure smooth transition to secondary school.

The two-year OC program incorporates a wide variety of excursions, incursions and special programs linked to the curriculum and advanced units of work.

While the OC program encourages students to compete against themselves in the pursuit of personal goals, they are also given the opportunity to pit their skills and talents against others in a range of challenging competitions. These may include:

  • Night of the Notables
  • Westpac Maths Competition
  • Festival of Instrumental Music
  • Maths Olympiad
  • Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Writing/Creative Writing Competition
  • ICAS competitions
  • Quizzard of Oz
  • Band Camp
  • Debating
  • Tournament of the Minds
  • Mind Marathon
  • CREATE South
  • Band & Violin
  • Dance
  • Digital/Art/Stories/Learning Resources
  • Film by the Sea
  • Ultimate Story
  • Gamechangers Challenge

Applying for OC

Each year parents are invited to apply online for Year 4 students to obtain a place in a Year 5 OC class. This application and selection process is managed through the High Performing Students team, not our school. 

Interested families should seek further information at Opportunity Class placement test (

Opportunity Class Enrolment 2024

OC class information

Parents and Carers of students who have applied for students to join the  Opportunity Class in 2024 will soon find information here to support your decision.

Offers for student placement will be sent from The High Performing Students Team from October 20, 2024.

Here is a list of the information you may require prior to accepting an offer. We look forward to welcoming our new OC students soon!

Next steps: 

  • Offers will be made to families by The High Performing Student Team from October 20. Please check the email account that you used during the application process. Any questions or concerns regarding offers needs to go to High Performing Students Team
  • Families with Offers or Reserve list placements please view our       orientation information to assist you in your decision.  
  • View our orientation information & videos
  • Attend a face to face school visit in Term 4. Please park in a 2 hour or more spot. Parents and students are welcome to attend. 
  • Accept or decline your offer with High Performing Students team in the outlined timeframe (you may need to do this before a face to face visit can be scheduled)

Once you have accepted an offer, you now need to prepare to enrol at Sutherland Public School. 

Next steps:

  • Ensure you have accepted with High Performance Unit, you will be sent an Authority to Enrol Letter 
  • Complete an online Out of Area application form.

Here are the steps to complete this:

  1. Open the link 
  2. This can also be found on our school website page under enrolments of non local students
  3. At the bottom of the page, please scroll down and begin to enter your details, select this calendar year and Year 5, then enter your home address.
  4. You will be sent a code to your email address to proceed with the application. Continue to enter the information required for the enrolment application.
  5. When you get to the consideration page – you do not need to select the numbers, scroll down to other considerations. Please write in this box Accepting Y5 OC. Then you can review and submit the application.
  6. The school will process this and an offer email will be sent, with a link to complete the enrolment form. At this stage upload to your enrolment application the following documents:
  •       Authority to Enrol,  
  •       Proof of address,  
  •       Birth Certificate, 
  •       Immunisation Records, 
  •       Relevant documents such as Residency documents, Court          Orders, AVO’s, paediatric assessments, medical documentation.

Once online enrolment has been completed parent will be sent information regarding the following:

  • Catholic, Protestant or Non Scripture preferance form, Local excursion permission form and request for double reports for separated families
  • A copy of School Parent information handbook        
  • Class requirements list 
  • BYOD agreement and requirements online form   
  • Fees Letter informing of online payment for 2024. Please do not pay until 2024.
  • Relevant activity notes emailed as appropriate

Before and After School Care – those requiring BASC should contact Sutherland Activity Centre at  to begin this process as a matter of urgency. A video about this service can be found at  

Complete Opal applications for travel if required. Please read the Travel to School information leaflet for our families and students. Visit   

Starting information for 2024

Thursday 1st February – first day of school for students in Years 1 - 6



BYOD Bring your own device Laptop requirement

This is the information for families regarding the Bring your own device requirements for Sutherland Public School OC program. This is a laptop device requirement, please see the document attached.

Uniform Shop information

SPS Uniform Information

Sutherland Parents and Citizens association run a uniform shop for our parents. This is a voluntary service run by parents for parents. 

Currently all uniform orders must be done online: 

Payments must be completed online prior to the order being filled. Orders will be sent home with your child when filled, please allow 10-14 days.

Incoming students will be sent a message to collect orders when they have been filled.

Only items with tags and original packaging will be exchanged or refunded.

Some items can be purchased directly from Claudines at Caringbah.

Sutherland Activity Centre Before and After School Care

Please contact Sutherland Activity Centre if you require before or after school care. 

Please take a look at the parent information video.

Further support materials for families in preparation for starting school at Sutherland Public.

School readiness video:

Preparing for school next year video:

Students talking about starting school:

Parent information video from 2021 (much is still relevant):