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Kindergarten Enrolment

At Sutherland Public School our students prosper in a warm, supportive and safe learning environment.  We have an effective welfare and discipline program with a focus on social skills, decision making and citizenship.  We value individual differences and lead each child to appreciate his/her own talents and those of others.

Opportunities are provided for the development of leadership skills and studentsKindergarten students working at their desk in Term One are inspired through the use of stimulating activities and materials across the curriculum.  We offer a creative arts program that includes dance, art and music, fostering the individual talents and interests of each student.  We regularly participate in major performances.

Our sports program builds on a tradition of achievement.  We provide daily physical education for all and run successful sporting teams coached by very experience staff.  participation in sport builds teamwork, confidence an leadership in our students.

As a parent of a child starting Kindergarten we would like to invite you to our Open Day and Kinder Transition sessions.

Open Day Information Session

During our Open Day Information Session you will meet our Principal, Mrs Kate Drury, our Teachers and other members of our school community.

You will have an opportunity to see our school and ask any questions you have about your child starting school.

We know that your child's education and happiness are very important to you, so we look forward to you joining us on these days.

What is Kinder Transition?

Kinder Transition is a kindergarten program that allows students to meet teachers, familiarize themselves with the school and find out about the types of activities the children will be doing in Kindergarten.

When children attend this program they settle into the first few weeks of school with greater ease, because they gain positive memories of the school and become keen and enthusiastic to attend.

When to enrol

Enrolment can be made at any time during the preceding year. It is recommended that all applications to enrol are submitted before the end of June in the year prior to your child starting school. Children can apply to enrol if they turn five before July 31 in the year of their expected enrolment.

Please upload your child's original birth certificate, immunisation certificate and proof of residence (lease or bill) when you apply to enrol online.

For your calendar :


         Tuesday 21st May, 2024 9:30am - 10:30am

Enrolment Information, meet the Principal and find out more abouth Sutherland Public School

 360 degree virtual tour of our school 360 Virtual School Tour (

Applications are due by June 24 2024. Confirmation letters are sent by the end of July 2024.

Kinder Transition

Session 1 Tuesday 22nd October 2024 1:50pm-2:50pm

Children and parents in the Kindergarten classrooms for some play. Short parent information session and morning tea.

Session 2 Wednesday 6th November, 2024 9:30am -10:30am

Learning and having fun.

Children in the Kindergarten classrooms while parents enjoy a tour of the school.

Session 3 Thursday 21st November, 2024 9:30am -11:00am

Parent Information Session

Children in Kindergarten classrooms with parent information session in the school hall. Uniform purchases.

Information videos to support families joining Sutherland Public School.